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I'm Tyler.  People would describe me as a highly energetic and personable individual.  I love to be unique and I think magic is the perfect platform for me to excercise my creativity.


The purpose for me doing magic is very simple - I want to make your day unforgettable!  The first time I saw a REAL magic trick was when I was 20 years old, hanging out with some friends playing some poker in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  I met a magician that was playing with us, and he literally BLEW MY MIND.  I was INSTANTLY hooked.  The excitement that I felt in those moments was something  unexplainable and incomparable to anything I had ever felt in my life.  I knew in that moment I wanted to be able to create those same experiences for people. I knew that I wanted to become a magician - and not some weird creepy one that wears a top hat!

It has now been over a decade of hard work and countless shows all over Canada. I would be more than happy to use my talents to help make your event a HUGE success and give people an experience that they have never witnessed before. 


Thank you for your interest in Seven of Spades Magic- I hope that you enjoy your stay.

Tyler Golding    

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Whether it is in front of the camera, performing live on stage or simply speaking to inspire, Tyler uses his charismatic personality to delight and connect with any audience. Think you know what magicians do? Think again. See why Tyler's performances guarantee a healthy dose of laughter for your soul, and magic for your brain.


The best way to break the ice and get your guests laughing, smiling and having fun!Tyler will walk around and mingle with your guests while performing incredible sleight-of-hand magic right in front of their eyes.  Tyler will interact & stroll among the crowd performing highly charged and interactive magic for your guests. 


Create and experience worth talking about! Performed on a stage, the act is a combination of entertaining magic, comedical anecdotes and audience participation. Your audience won't believe their eyes as Tyler engages the entire crowd with his comedic blend of magic and mentalism. Watch the group become a part of the show while having an unforgettable time together. The "Stage Show" is ideal for conferences, kick-off sessions and after-dinner programs.

Magician from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada


Visual Media

“We hired Tyler go do a stage show for our annual Christmas Party at TCU Place. He was easily the BEST magician I have ever witnessed! Tyler was hilarious and very entertaining as he joked around with his audience throughout the evening. Our favourite trick was when he smashed the cell phones! We look forward to booking Tyler for our next big party, and we recommend that you do the same!”                                                - Kelly Block
                                                                    Sears Canada
“We asked Tyler to attend a friend's 40th birthday party  in Saskatoon and we weren't disappointed. The magic was unreal, but what was really great about Tyler was his ability to connect with each person in attendance.  We wish we would have booked him for longer than an hour! Would definitely recommend his show for any type of event, big or small. ”                   - Shannon Burtney





We had our year-end party in January of 2016, which consisted of approx. 25 people in all. For entertainment, we had some live music and Tyler was there to entertain us with his magic show.
I had spoken with Tyler on the phone previously, but it was so great to meet him in person. He is very easy going.  At our get together, he casually strolled around the room introducing himself to each small group, then after some small talk would ask, “do you want to see a card trick?”, or something like that. First off, his card tricks are spectacular to say the least. Each group would watch intently as trick after trick left everyone turning and saying, “how did he do that?!”.
Without a doubt Tyler’s magic was the highlight of our night.  I would definitely recommend him to anyone planning a function, whether it is work related, or just a group of family or friends.
I plan on using him for our year-end party again this year and can’t wait to see him again.
                                                                                     -Don Black
                                                                                    Saskatchewan Branch Manager





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